Making it at the Casino or Poker Table Might Require You to Break it!

Are you looking for a simple way to improve your competitive advantage when playing at online casinos? Would you like to make it rather than break it? This article will provide with with an actionable idea that is as simple as it is effective.

Do not overlook this advice because it seems so obvious, because its effects will be substantial and immediate. Whether you’re playing online poker, live dealer casino, live roulette online or any kind of live casino games, this technique will help you get better results overnight since it helps you to consistently play at your peak condition from day one. If you are unfamiliar with these games take a look at TopCasinoSites, after taking in the invaluable tips below.

Simply put, the technique we’re discussing here is the art of knowing when to step back and take a short break. Doing this consistently, you’ll find increased focus and improved energy levels when you return to the computer, and that will be your ongoing trump card. If you turn this method into a habit, you’ll be pleased to notice that lady luck will smile upon you more often than ever.

Why You Should Take a 5-Minute Break Every Hour

You may actually be familiar with the concept of taking a short break every hour or so while engaged in extended activities, as prompted by your parents and schoolteachers in your formative years. You may also have grown opposed to this concept, thinking you’ll be better off just playing by ear and going in with all your energy at once. In that case we must urge you to reconsider your position, as science is now backing up this approach as a means to maintain peak performance for longer periods… and ultimately get the most of your efforts on the long run.

There is actually a solid body of research suggesting that taking a short 5-10 minute every hour will help keep your mind sharp and that will invariably translate to a superior performance across the board, no matter which activity you’re engaged in. This short break will work as a kind of system reboot that will allow you to recoup your energies and get back into the game with renewed strength and mental clarity.

When it comes to playing at online casinos, this principle holds beautifully – especially if you’re playing live versions of games where attention is one of your strongest assets. When your results depend on how sharply you can sustain your attention, you should learn to conserve your stamina in order to make the longest strides in a single session.

How Taking a Short Break Will Improve Your Game

If you start analyzing your behaviours patterns as a casino player, you will probably realize that your capacity to focus on the game changes over time. If you’re a seasoned player, you probably take just a few minutes – a few moments, even – to really get the juices flowing and perform at your best. When you start really observing your mental tides, you should also notice that after about one hour of game time, you’ll invariably start making mistakes caused by mental fatigue and distraction.

That’s about the time when you should step away from the table or computer. Just take a few moments to walk around and leisurely stretch (that’s also good for your posture and physical health, by the way), maybe grab a drink or a healthy snack, take a few moments to catch up on social media or even go smoke a cigarette if that is what gets you going. Whatever your preference is, just make sure to take at least 5 minutes and up to 10 before going back to the table.

This time interval is important, since less than five minutes won’t be enough to recharge your mental batteries, while stopping your game for over 10 minutes will scatter your train of thought and make you feel like you have to claw your way back into the zone.

When you come back to the game after a short break doing anything else, you will realize you will have renewed focus and intensity. Keep doing this regularly and you’ll consistently improve your performance; the games will just flow in your favor because your mental powers will stay sharp and focused. It sounds too good to be true, but it does work provided you can be consistent and turn this into a habit.

What you’re effectively doing by taking short hourly breaks is using an advanced technique of mental energy management, which will allow you to play much closer to your highest potential.